Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Eugenides is a great thief. He says he can steal anything. He goes inside this temple to steal Hamethes gift. And he goes three times. Why? Because water comes inside the temple and he could drown. But in the end something happens.I know you are dying to find out. there are three more books in the series. he gets thrown in prison by the king. I really like this book.I think everybody should read this book.

Harry Potter 5th book.*****

Harry Potter isn't very good at spells, but very good at Defense against the Dark Arts (the paintings and stuff) and Quidditch. Mad-Eye comes and rescues him in the dim of the night. He goes to Sirius's house and meets his friends there . In the beginning of the book he's laying in the flower bed listening to the news. Funny that world-famous Harry Potter is laying in the flower bed listening to the news.Bellatrix kills Sirius while the rest of the deatheaters fight for this globe thing. very good book.I reccomend this book for anyone that can read.